"Experience and innovation, craftsmanship and creativity are the distinctive elements of our company ambassador in the world of quality and style Made in Italy"


"The Scarf" brand, born in Costa D'Amalfi, the same naming is taken from the Neapolitan dialect, literally means it warms you up, a feature that we thought was particularly suitable for identifying our product.

"The Scarf" line of accessories is the result of a long production process carried out rigorously respecting the environment and the people employed in it. From the design of the collections to the marketing of the finished product, the entire production process is carried out in Italy. A line of man / woman accessories that uses only high quality natural raw materials, ranging from linen to cashmere, creating unique products suitable for any need.

"The Scarf" was born in Costa D'Amalfi, initially distributed between Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi and Ravello, in the harmony of lights, colors and perfumes, magical places where the purchase is emotion and dressing is the pursuit of wellness. unmistakable, characterized by the wide choice of colors, and the high quality of the raw materials make "The Scarf" one of the most appreciated brands by tourists all over the world. To understand what is behind a "The Scarf" accessory it is necessary to make a jump to Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino, where the company is located and where the garments are designed and made. The whole production process takes place internally, thanks to the latest machinery and a maniacal and scrupulous organization, to guarantee a product without defects.